Semi-permanent lash enhancements. Handcrafted silk cluster lashes are bonded to the client's natural lash for a seamless lash boost. Services offered include individual clusters, in class or MEGA VOLUME. Results vary from natural to dramatic, based on client preference, natural lash line density, and eye shape. Touch-up reapplication required after two weeks. At least half of original set must remain to count as a fill in.  Removal of cluster extensions should ONLY be done by lash artist. NATURAL LASH INTEGRITY WILL BE COMPROMISED IF YOU REMOVE LASHES YOURSELF. Durability of lash set depends heavily on client's adherence to aftercare policy and daily activities. 

my drug of choice: LASHES


Respectively birthed for the woman who knows her worth and adds tax, TWEAKEDBYTRON is  beauty experience located where luxury, quality, and affordability meet. Student lash & loc artist Tronlyn has used her talent to transform countless women, making them feel undeniably stunning following their lash and loc appointments and in their daily lives. TWEAKED strives to match each woman with her perfect lash and/or loc style, and guarantees a pleasant TWEAKEDBYTRON experience.

Get #TWEAKED today! 

"There's no need to do too much to something already beautiful; that's why it's TWEAKEDBYTRON because I'm only tweaking what you already have."

xoxo, Tron 

Individual knotless crochet locs ALSO known as soft locs, distressed locs, boho locs, etc. For the woman who loves an effortless but fabulous look. Natural and suited to compliment your personal style. Super low-maintenance, lightweight, and tension-free. 

Lengths offered: 

mid-back $250, lower back $300, waist length $350, thigh length $400.

 Hair is provided for all loc appointments.  Locs can last up to 3 months with proper care, i.e. wrapping hair at night & oiling scalp every 2-3 days. Locs can be washed, however, DO NOT BLOW DRY. Loc appointments may be scheduled on any available day, unless otherwise stated. Clients are asked to come with their hair washed and stretched. All clients will receive a proper oil down and moisturizing during styling.

let's get into these LOCS, honey